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Ashland's Backyard Rabbitry

Things you need for your new little rabbit.

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You made fine allot of these items at the nearest PetSmart Store.

Go to the PetSmart website; go to the small pet area across the top

Go to the left side and go to any of items named there


Cages: Indoor: Clean and Living Large 2 level cage Item# 2751773

           Super Pet Welcome Home Hutch Item# 2753256

           My Deluxe Home Giant Item# 2753350

           Deluxe My First Large Small Pet Home Item# 2753342

           Marchioro Tommy 82 Solo Small Animal Home Item# 3076906

Cages: Outdoor: Ware Manufacturing Premium + Hutch Item# 2751752

                           Super Pet Premium 36 Rabbit Hutch Item# 2811527

                           Ware Manufacturing Premium Hutch Cover Item# 2751753

Water: Super Pet Flat Back Water Bottle Item#2753357 at least 12 or 16 oz.

           Chew Proof Water Bottle 12 oz. Item# 2753343

Feeders: Super Pet Gravity Bin feeder Item # 2753272

              Super Pet Hang N Lock Corner Crock Item# 2753278

Hay Feeders: Super Pet Rolling the Hay Item # 2753304

                     Super Pet Veggie Basket Item# 2753206

Food: Brown's Zoo Vital Junior Bunny Growth Food for 8 to 20 week old rabbits   item# 2755104

          Zupreem Nature's Promise Premium Rabbit Food Item# 2753453

Hay:  Zupreem Nature's Promise Western Timothy Hay Item# 2753458

         Oxbrows Western Timothy Hay Item# 3135799

Treats: Ware Fruit Twig Nibblers Item# 2751778

            Orchard Sweets small Animal Diced Apple Treat Item# 2755106

            Kaytee Rabbit Yogurt Drops Item# 2753572

            Vitakraft Wildberry drops for Rabbits Item# 2750474

            Now you can buy Yogurt treats, but give them sparely.

Litter Box: All Living Things Lock N LItter Pan Item# 2752714

                  All Living Things Deluxe Scatterless Litter Pan Item# 2752717

Litters: Green Pet Aspen Supreme Pellets Item# 2755137

           Kaytee Aspen Bedding or Litter Item# 2755138

           Yesterday's News Brand for Rabbits Item# 2751592

           Carefresh Pet Bedding or Litter Item# 2753657

Bed: Super Pet Super Sleeper Sleep E Tent Item# 2753323

        Super Pet Ferretrail Super Sleeper Comf-E-Cube Item# 2753264

        Super Pet Ferretrail Super Sleeper Fuzz-E-Floor Item# 2753265

For Cleaning Cage: Super Pet Clean Cage deodorizer Item# 2753296

also you can use vinegar white or apple to clean cages, specially urine stains, breaks up the crusted urine.

Grooming: Super Pet Pro Sleeker Brush Item# 2753336

                 Super Pet Chip n Trim Item # 2753364

                 Super Pet Critters Waterless Shampoo spray bottle

                 Super Pet Clean Critter Wipes Item# 2753305 

                 Also you can use White Vinigar on stains on a white fur.                

                 Groomax soft grip long handle combs Item # 2752794 in   three different sizes, I use the small tooth or fine tooth or the medium teeth  combs.

 Toys: Super Pet Bunny and Critter Toys Item# 2753291

          Super Flip N Toss Super Pet Item# 2753274

          Ware Treat K Bob Item# 2751782

          Mineral charm Chews for Small Pet Item# 2751764

          All Living Things Wood Chew Toys Item# 2752721

          T-Rex Smal Animal Play Cubes Item# 2752464 Large 6"D x 10"L

          Ware Manufacturing Large Fun Tunnel Item# 2753314

          Super Pet Roll N Chew Item# 2753314

          Ware Manufacturing Chew-A-Lot Crucn Bunny Item# 3155601

         Other toys, paper towel and toilet paper roll, Empty Kleenex box with plastic off and hole big enough not get stuck, tunnel pipe or something big enough not to get stuck in.


Traveling and Outdoors: Super Pet Come along pet carrier Item# 2753365 they come in three sizes small, medium, and Large.

                                       Comfort harness from Super Pet Item# 2753359 they come in three sizes small, medium and large



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