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Ashland's Backyard Rabbitry

-Sales Policy/Prices-

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-Sales Policy/Prices-
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I require a non-refundable deposit in the form of a money order, no checks or cash, to place a HOLD on a rabbit(s). The deposit is half of the price of the rabbit(s) and must be received within 10 days of the time you inform me you intend to purchase. Until I received the rabbit(s) will be listed as PENDING on the sales page. After the 10 days are up and payment hasn't been received the rabbit(s) will be sold to the next buyer who has contacted me about the rabbit(s). All rabbit(s) must be picked up within two weeks of the deposit unless other arrangements are agreed to by me and final payment is due in cash at the time of pick up. I will give a receipt for the cash payment. I cannot hold a rabbit(s) indefinitely, thus the reason for the timelines. If you cannot pick up within 2 weeks let me know and I'm sure we can work something out but this MUST mentioned prior to the pick up date. If an arrangement is not made before pick up then a $5.00 a day fee will be added to the final payment of the rabbit(s). The deposit will be forfeited and the said rabbit(s) will be placed back up for sale.
Pending - No deposit received still require if interested.
Hold - Deposit has been received.
Sold - Full amount has been received.
Keeping- Not for sale at this time.


Deposits will only be returned in the event that a kit dies before it is weaned or if I find that I was incorrect in assessing the gender at 4 weeks of age and the rabbit has been returned to me. Both are very rare circumstances but it is possible. In the event that malocclusion occurs before 4 months of age I will replace the rabbit but I do require a veterinary certificate to prove malocclusion. After 4 months malocclusion is not due to genetics but to injury so no replacement will be offered. Replacement animal may or may not be available right away. You will be contacted once I have a replacement animal that fits your preferences.


Kits can be picked up when are approximately 6 to 8  weeks of age possible earlier or later depending on when they are wean. I will agree to accept a non-refundable deposit on a kit once it is 4 weeks of age so I can be sure of the gender. If gender doesn't matter then I will accept the deposit as soon as the color is determined. If a deposit is placed on a kit before it is 6 weeks old the buyer will still have until the kit is 8 weeks old,  two weeks after the kit is weaned to pick it up before I sell it to the next buyer unless I have agreed to other arrangements.

~Waiting List~

If you would like to be placed on a no obligation waiting list send an e-mail to and I will get hold of you when new litters are born. If I have several inquiries on a particular color/gender, i.e. a Sable Point Doe or whatever, it will be sold in the order in which people have inquired on it. If the first person on the list passes then I will go to the next person and so on.

~Prices, Discounts, ETC..~

Prices will depend on many factors, i.e. bloodlines, mane quality, if it is a show color, purebred, etc. Prices will not be set in stone so feel free to contact me with a reasonable offer. I offer a 20% discount on rabbits to 4-H member, FFA members, must seem some kind of proof before I can give the discount. All rabbits have pedigree unless otherwise stated. All my bunnies are handled from day one so the social interactions with people start then. Receipts will be given for cash. You will need to bring a cage. I will provide a small amount of food, so you can mix with what you choose to use. If told ahead of time I will purchase a bag of the food I use, and the cost will be added to the total price of the rabbit(s). I won't sell something that I would not keep in my own Rabbitry nor would I price it higher than what I would pay for the same quality.

We will delivery rabbits only if it's a distance of no more than a half of a  hour drive, after that half hour, you will pay $3.00 for every 5 miles. Due to the gas prices and wear of my vechile!!!!!!

Something Can be worked out if need be (Just Ask.) and Pick Up is ALWAYS welcome!

If you have any questions or comments about Sales Policy or Prices then please feel free to email me at:

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