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Ashland's Backyard Rabbitry

~All About Me and My Family/and Our Critters~

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~All About Me and My Family/and Our Critters~
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I was raised on a farm; animals are my love then and now, would love to have one of everything. My bunny rabbits started with the larger breed, due to my children wanting them. At first it was pets for the children, then later breeding and selling them. After fifteen years raising the larger breed and selling them, we decided to switch over to the Dwarfs, then later in the year to the Lionheads, and Mini Rex.
Now, I have fallen lock, stock and barrel in love with the lionhead breed.

I want everyone to be able to share my love for the Lionhead rabbits. So please contact me by e-mail anytime. Thanks for HOPPING BY!!! Remember HARES TODAY! GONE TOMORROW!!


Going from left to right Katie Lynn salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer, Bella Rose the Jack Russell and the oldest of them Penny Lee a black Miniature Schnauzer.

We lost our older Miniature Schnauzer Penny Lee back in June 2006, she has gone to a better place, and she is missed daily.
Katie Lynn the salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer has gone to live with my older daughter, to give her company, companionship, and be a watch dog. Recently we had to put Katie to sleep do to cancer and all the pain. She will be missed daily but we know she is in a better place.

We have add some wonderful critters now though!! After the lost of Penny Lee, a little puppy showed up at our front gate, my son loving animals like he does, took this little girl in. She is a wonderful little girl, weighing about 45 pounds, and is a mixed breed with hound for sure. She loves my son, cries for him when he leaves.


This is Corellia my son's dog.

Also my son and his girlfriend have a Chihuahua named Fifle. Also I have a granddaughter named Lucy.

My daughter has added a cat to our home, her name is Abigail, Abby for short, she is a calico, was adopted from PetSmart with the help of her boyfriend.


Recently my daugher has gotten married, and so I have gained a son to our family. Which he also loves animals, and enjoys the rabbits like the rest of us!! Also in April of 2009, they added a son, my grandson Caleb to the family.


My daughter, my son-in-law, and my grandson Caleb.

The newest member of the family added to our home in January 2009, is Maggie, she is a  Miniature Pincher red in color, and she will weigh about 10 pounds when full grown. She is a playmate for Bella the Jack Russell. Our love for animals keep going on. She has become a love of my life, she reminds me of my first small dog I had as a child.



Back in December 2010, we add another dog to our family, she is a Chihuahua, her name is Lilly. I got her for my mother for Christmas, and she wanted to stay here with us, she bonded with me.



So as you can tell this home is full of animals, and they are treated like part of our family from day one, to their end.


Here is our Beautiful Dogwood tree in our Backyard close to the Rabbitry!


Here is a Hummingbird that seems to visit every year.


This is a mallard female duck that my daughter raise for a little while! Isn't she cute!

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